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Pelagic Design Ltd provides design services to the marine industry. Our work is backed up by many years of design and engineering experience in a wide range of projects across the marine sector. We specialise in naval architecture, structural design, draughting, modelling, complete design and consultancy. Our main areas of work are, work-boats, small-craft and yachts.  Each project is different and we aim to provide expert services to support your project in the most appropriate way. We offer flexibility and are able to undertake specific packages of work from concept through design to production drawings.


​Pelagic Design Ltd  was started in 2011 by Andy Bennett and Daniel Davy and is based in the busy port of Falmouth in the UK. We share a common background in naval architecture and together have 45 years of experience in the marine industry. Our aim is to combine our knowledge of naval architecture and structural engineering to offer a wide range of design and engineering services to the marine industry.
Andy Bennett   Studied naval architecture at Southampton University and now specialises in structural design for marine and other sectors. Key experience includes:

Structural design engineer, Bennett Engineering Design

Chief structural engineer, BMT Nigel Gee

Structural design engineer, CETEC

Structural engineer, Vosper Thornycroft
​Daniel Davy   Studied naval architecture at Southampton University and remains active in this field, with a focus on small craft design. Key experience includes:

Freelance naval architect, UK & overseas clients

Naval architect, Nigel Irens Design

Naval architect & Project manager, BMT Nigel Gee

Naval architect, MacAlister Elliott & Partners
We are happy to work on any marine project and have already worked with ship/boatyards, designers and consultants, offshore and renewables companies. Our clients are based in the UK, Europe and worldwide.


Naval architecture. Hull design. Stability. Powering. Innovative, fuel efficient hull forms. Arrangement & layout. Regulation compliance

Structural engineering. Lightweight & innovative design. Global and detailed design & analysis. First principle & Classification design. Structural audit & feasibility studies. Finite element analysis. Lightweight structures. Machinery & equipment foundations. Lifting & launching arrangements. Steel, Aluminium & Composites

Drafting & modelling. 2D drawings. 3D modelling. Arrangement drawings. Detailed design. Production drawings

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